Learning Targets we will achieve. Students came up with these targets in classroom discussion.

Day 1: In Language Arts students were focusing on themselves and looking at what they can offer. Students need to learn to help themselves before they can help others.

Day 1:
After meeting with Angela Maiers and giving time for students to identify their genius and rework some ideas, we have begun to implement and move forward with the projects. This slidedeck is what I used to jumpstart the process. If you have questions about any of the slides contact Aaron Maurer.

Students were given time at the end of class to brainstorm individual ideas. Here is their list of ideas

Day 2:

Day 3
Here is the action plan that students must complete before embarking on their journey

Checklist and Weekly/Daily Goals

Public Speaking Tips and Resources for Students
How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking And Give A Great Presentation http://buff.ly/1cllMpT