BettPassion Project Links

These are the student action plans

Edible Wall

Bettendorf Middle School is "Trash"


Phoneblok action plan

Turning Waste Into Energy

Our World

Anti-Bullying Action Plan

Programming the Future

Natural Disasters

Green Energy

Adoption Awareness

Kicking Cancer With Kids

Forever a Scar

Infants in Need Action Plan

Police Funding

Animal Abuse is All Around

Stop Suicide


Keeping the Environment Clean

A Different Kind of Love

Outdoor Activities for Schools Action Plan

Middle East School Tragedies

Environmental Health Action Plan

Cystic Fibrosis

One Town, One Difference

H.O.P.E. for a Cure

Animal Abuse Action Plan

High Five Action Plan

Healthy Active Lifestyle

Music 4 Change

Home of Hearts

Operation Speak Up

Changing The Perspective of Autism

Just One Drop

Bullying Needs To End

Animal Adoption

Fitness Run

Bullying on

Hospital Helpers